It is a VISION of people and ministries helping those that are lost (unbelievers) and fellow citizens that have needs to be met.

It is a VISION of people of all different backgrounds and cultures coming together to serve and be served in the love of God.

It is a VISION where people from all levels of economical, social and education backgrounds can come and fellowship together as part of Gods family.

It is a VISION where the broken hearted can come and find encouragement through the love of Gods people.

It is a VISION where the abused, the forgotten, the unloved, and the frustrated can come and find love, joy, peace and kindness in a friendly Christian environment.

It is a VISION of facilities that will house multiple offices and multiple classrooms for training, teaching and developing men, women, boys and girls to be spiritually sound in the word of God.

It is a VISION where people will come and be taught on how to be spiritually equipped, economically independent, socially productive and physically fit.

It is a VISION of facilities where children will receive a quality education (k-6th grade.), housing ministries dealing with troubled teens and youth at risk.

It is a VISION where everyone in the city and surrounding areas will say when someone asks for help, they will answer, Saint Samuel Ministries is the place to go for support and direction.

It is a VISION where people will come and be helped to discover their God given gifts and talents for work in a significant ministry.

It is a VISION of developing believers to spiritual maturity through preaching Gods word, praying, fasting, teaching, seminars, retreats, Christian library consisting of books, audio and video tapes and by use of computers.

It is a VISION helping individuals and families with housing needs, job readiness, and clothing bank and requirements.

It is a VISION of sending the message of Gods love to every single household in East Palo Alto for starts.

It is a VISION where Senior Citizens will be able to share their wisdom, knowledge, experiences, and skills with younger generations to help equip them with practical biblical teaching and advice.

It is a VISION where the facilities will have some of the latest computer technology and equipment for the sole purpose of spreading the gospel and training individuals to get started in the technological world.

It is a VISION of multiple ministries helping to reach (minister) the total person spiritually, emotionally, socially, economically, and physically.

It is a VISION of welcoming thousands of people into the body of Christ and becoming the healthiest Pentecostal church in East Palo Alto and Palo Alto.

This VISION is written and made plain to all who come to know the saints at Saint Samuel Church of God in Christ. Pastor says, the vision will be accomplished Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit.      KJV Zechariah 4:6